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Guangzhou water filling machine 250 500ml 1500ml to Dubai

Product Item: TLB-8-8-3
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1500ml water filling machine Guangzhou
250ml water filling machine
Guangzhou water filling machine
water filling machine Dubai


Guangzhou water filling machine 250 500ml 1500ml to Dubai

Main Feature

1. This machine has a compact structure, perfect control system, easy to operate and highly automatic degree.

2. The parts contact with product is made of quality SUS, anti-corrosive, and easy to clean.

3. By adopting high speed filling valve, the liquid level is precise and no waste. That guarantees the demand of filling technology.

4. The capping head adopts constant torque magnetic device to guarantee capping quality and impact cap. This machine has a high efficient cap arranging system, perfect cap feeding and protection device.

5. Equipped with perfect clean management system to ensure the bottle clean. Only by changing the star-wheel, can realize to fill the changed bottle shape.

6. The machine adopts perfect overload protective device can ensure the operator and machine safe. This machine adopts adjustable frequency converter.

7. The main electric components, frequency, photoelectric switch, proximity switch, electric control valves all adopt imported components, which can ensure the quality performance.

Technical parameter


Production capacity: 2000-3000B/H

Filling capacity: 250-1500ml

Positioning method: liquid level positioning

Bottle type specifications: bottle diameter Φ50-Φ100mm, bottle height 150-300mm, PVC, PET plastic bottles.

Transmission mode: motor → V-belt drive → worm reducer

The main structure and characteristics of the equipment

sensor:no bottles are not filled, no cover.

Total machine power: 5.KW

Weight: about 1500kg

Dimensions: 1900 × 1500 × 2000

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