Guangzhou Trust-Long Packaging Machinery Factory Limited

Guangzhou Trust-Long Packaging Machinery Factory Limited

Guangzhou Trust-Long Packaging Machinery Factory Limited is a reliable China machine manufacturer,supplier and exporter of powder filling machine, vertical multi-function packaging machine, water treatment and cup filling sealing capping machines,with a factory in Guangzhou China .Having been a manufacturer and OEM for 10years for Chinese companies,we finally have our export office .We supply a wide range of packing machines which include powder filling machine, vertical multi-function packaging machine, water plant equipment, cup filling and  sealing machine,bottle blowing machine, 3 in 1 bottling washing filling capping machine line, labeling machine,  wrapping and shrinking machine, coding machine, can/tin seamer, plastic/carton sealing machine and some other small business machine.Business is base on trust. We are honesty and always try to make machine quality good in good price with good service. We hope we will have double-win long term business relationship in future.

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