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Guangzhou automatic sleeve label putting shrinking labeling machine

Product Item: TLL-30
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Guangzhou labeling machine


Guangzhou automatic sleeve label putting shrinking labeling machine

1.The machine is a automatic intelligent packaging line with sleeve label and steam shrinking functions. High speed, accurate positioning, manpower streamline, perfect packing. Apply to beverages and health foods factory.

2.Unique blade post design, suitable for Æ30mm~~Æ130mm containers.

3. Single shrink label feeder high moderate, easy to install tags. Microcomputer automatic calculations, exempt set, exempt adjustment. As long as at a touch, tags can automatic detection, automatic positioning.

4.The new steam shrinking stove can improve heat shrinkable efficiency greatly. According to different and irregular round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle etc. adjustment and maintenance is convenient, good flatness.

5. The design type of the steam jet way adopts steam drum individually .Pipe smoothly does not occupy a space. Every side of steam export every side divide into four sections.  The height, front and back, gas output of each section can be adjusted respectively, achieve the most perfect shrinkage effect.  

6. The machine is adopted waterproof design, is made of stainless steel.

Technical specifications


1sleeve machineAC220V5060HZ   1. 5kw,2kw,4kw  single phase

2shrinking machineno need voltage

Production speed

Tag standard length:100mm

Tag standard speed : 100,200,300,400, 500bottlesmin

(Note: The shorter tag length production speed is more faster)

Bottle diameterÆ28mm -- Æ 125mm

Tag length:    30mm -- 250mm

Tag thickness: 0.035mm -- 0.13mm

Tag material:   PVC、PET、OPS

Tag feeder plate outer diameter: Æ 500mm

Steam shrinking stove length: 2200mm

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