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China manufacturing rotary yogurt cup filling machine to Africa Kenya

Product Item: TLC-1000
Category: for liquid/paste filling
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functions:yoghurt cup filling machine
yogurt filling machine to Africa
yogurt filling machine to Kenya
filling machine yogurt


Automatic rotary cup filling and sealing machine


Rotary filling sealing machine for all kinds of liquid ,paste, yogurt, milk, jam, fruit juice beverage productsautomatic cup droppingfilling absorb  filmsealinglifting cup. The machine use Japan Omron programmable logic controllerTaiwan pneumatic control componentsIntelligent Digital Display Temperature Control System The machine all stainless steel coverSealing with high strength, good sealing, and low failure rate.easy clean, occupies small area.


Rotary filling sealing machine for all kinds of liquid, paste, yogurt, milk, jam, fruit juice beverage product.

Working process

Machine can automatic cup droppingfilling absorb  filmsealinglifting cup .


1.Each filling and sealing machine is designed in full compliance with the product, its cup and sealing style. Depending on the output required.

2.The PLC control system regulates the function of the machine as s whole or through its individual components.

3.Have touching screen that’s easy in operation and convenient,nice looking.

4. Conveyor to transfer cup out can help to date coding automatically.

5.Template drive with high precision indexing box will be more precisely.

6·All product contact parts are stainless steel. All of which conform to standards for food grade materials.

7·The programming language and scripting commands in English

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