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Autoamtic industrial date printer cheap price

Product Item: XY-170
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Automatic ink jet printer for date coding


1, the use of international advanced built-in diaphragm technology, ink pump, solvent pump, recovery pump, pump four pump design, eliminated the traditional gear pump, do not need compressed air, compared with the gear pump, there are great advantages The

2, the use of life is several times the gear pump, the use of "bionics", research results, can work in almost zero wear and maintenance costs are very low, not because of gear pump mechanical friction and impact on the ink can be large Increase the ink use period, reduce production costs.

3, the use of international advanced ink concentration and viscosity of automatic control, and automatically adjust the technology, from the environment, temperature and boot time and other factors, so that the printer stable and reliable operation.

4, the use of a unique nozzle triple anti-blocking technology, independent of the automatic cleaning process, can completely solve the problem of congestion.

5, with a number of ink system processing procedures and fault alarm display function, the machine is running more stable, easy maintenance.

6, through the international authority of the SGS certification of various inks (red, yellow, white, green, blue, etc.), safety and environmental protection, strong adhesion, suitable for printing in a variety of products and packaging.

7, the use of wear-resistant stainless steel chassis, IP55 protection level, the unique pressure of the nozzle can withstand dust and water intrusion, suitable for a variety of harsh environments.

8, "all-digital intelligent" menu system Automatic digital display circuit ink system in the important parameters of the points, the operating data and other important parameters and digital adjustment, so that equipment running at a glance. Fault automatic detection system through the digital menu and the signal automatically prompts, can be timely and effective troubleshooting.

9, can work in the machine when editing other non-working information, instantly switch print content, can be achieved online security printing, variable bar code printing. You can receive computer-made BMP pattern, you can also directly on the touch screen to create special characters or patterns (to support personal signature).

10, with code synchronization • Photoelectric synchronization • Synchronizer synchronization distance • On-line detection of N times jet printing, N times to detect a jet printing and other special features.

11. Can be connected to bar code gun scanning bar code, conversion printing. (Special custom)

12. Can print two-dimensional code. (Special custom)

13. Can be used to achieve random garbled database.

14. Can achieve information communication, connect the computer. (Special custom)

15. Can achieve partition printing function. (Special custom)

Machine material:

Stainless steel

Letter height:


Print speed


Letter dots


Print direction


Print distance


Working environment




Operation screen

10.4 inch touch screen in put

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