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Automatic cup sealing machine for plastic or paper

Product Item: TLC-4
Category: Cup filling and sealing machine
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Functions:automatic cup sealer. cup sealing machine,container sealing machine


 Automatic cup sealing machine for plastic or paper 


The machine adopt automatic process control, attractive appearance, reasonable structure, complete functions, simple operation, in line with the requirements of the National Health Act, to meet the standard by the large-scale production. Stable performance,  high efficiency, easy operation.

Models can be designed according to customer requirements

Basic technology: automatic suction aluminum foil - automatic sealing - automatically out of Cup

Equipment basic structure:

1, the frame portion: the machine in all 304 stainless steel welded together.

2, Transmission: motor, reducer, splitter, the drive chain and other components.

3, the suction membrane system: Mechanical Hand

4, the sealing system: heat sealing (sealing temperature can be adjusted)

5, the cup system: Cylinder, machinery, conveyor components.



VoltageAC380V/ 50Hz


air sauce0.65-1.0mpa


machine net weightabout 600

sizeabout 3000*1100*1500mm

auto or semifull automatic

packing typecup

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