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China paper cup making machine in Guangzhou

Product Item: TLPC-12
Category: paper plastic cup forming fililng sealing machine
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China paper cup making machine in Guangzhou

Automatic paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic machine with photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting and other functions, through automatic paper feeding, sealing (bonding cup wall), oil filling, bottoming, heating, knurling, crimping, Continuous processes such as unloading cups are ideal for producing paper beverage cups, tea cups, coffee cups, advertising paper cups, ice cream cups or other frustum-shaped food containers.

Paper cup size: 2 ~12 OZ (50ml~330ml)

Raw materials: 1)Only suitable for single PE coated paper (suitable for hot drink cups) 

                     2)Suitable for single PE coating and double PE coated paper (can be used for both hot and cold drinks)

Paper weight range :140gsm-250 GSM 140gsm-350 GSM

Productivity: 55-65 per minute

Power supply: 380V/220V, or according to customer's special requirements

Weight Gross weight / net weigh:t 1800KG/1850KG

Package size (length * width * height) :2650 * 1300 * 1700mm

Welding method: !)Copper strip heating 

                       2) Ultrasonic heating

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